Donghee Alabama

Auburn , AL

Maintenance Technician

Donghee Alabama
Auburn, AL Full-time
Posted on September 13, 2019

Maintenance (multicraft) Technicians
6am – 6pm (continental shift)
6pm – 6am (continental shift)

Maintenance Technician Duties and Responsibilities

  • Repair malfunctioning equipment units and broken structures
  • Install machinery systems
  • Perform electrical systems maintenance
  • Install and maintain ventilation and refrigeration units
  • Inspect alarm systems
  • Maintain plumbing systems
  • Quality check equipment regularly to ensure everything is in working order
  • Perform peer-to-peer inspections on work performed by our other maintenance technicians
  • Read blueprints and survey structures on grounds
  • Create inspection and repair schedules
  • Perform light landscaping and groundskeeping work as needed
  • Perform pest control duties (i.e. spray insecticide)
  • Select and contract specialists on larger maintenance related projects
  • Advise purchasing manager during new equipment purchases
  • Train employees on proper equipment usage
  • Assist in on-the-job-training of newly hired maintenance technicians
  • Perform administrative computer tasks as needed
  • Act as on-call handyman when needed
  • Maintenance Technician Requirements and Qualifications
  • Must hold a certificate or diploma in a related field
  • Completion of an apprenticeship under a professional maintenance technician a plus
  • Experience with technology maintenance required; groundskeeping experience preferred
  • Strong critical thinking and creative skills
  • Detail-oriented and organizational
  • Thorough working knowledge of facility equipment units, their usage, and safety procedures
  • Ability to manage time and responsibilities independently
  • Must have a flexible schedule